Priest-in-Training to Pharasma


Notus is a young priest of Pharasma who moved to the island two years ago. He hails from the mainland metropolis of Absalom. Orphaned as an infant, he came under the care of Brother Phaedrus, a priest of the Sha’ar Ha’Gilgulim. He lived a cloistered, although content, lifestyle in the church and eagerly joined the clergy when he came of age. Two years ago, however, his whole life changed. The Head Priest of the Gilgulim ordered Phaedrus and his charge to join the colony at Gozreh Island, to act as an emissary for the faith. Notus hated having to leave the church behind, but Phaedrus assured the boy it would help him see Pharasma’s living will more clearly.

The elder priest was right on this last count, as Notus quickly realized. The island teemed with life and death. Where one day, the island landscape seemed relaxing or vibrant, the next it was stormy, savage, or in the best of times, dull. Notus tried to not let this change of scenery disturb him; he meditated on is frequently, feeling closer to his goddess. Indeed it was this solace that helped him overcome his first trial: the death of Phaedrus. After seven months of living on the island, the older man had caught some manner of tropical disease. Mixed with his own weak constitution, Phaedrus quickly succumbed.

Notus has stayed on the island since, helping to run the Temple and defend the colonists with the rest of the Armed Defense Force.


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